Who is my Sub-Area Chair and why should I know this? 

Handbell Musicians of America is divided into 12 geographical areas. Area 7 includes the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Manitoba, Canada is also included in Area 7.

Due to the number of handbell choirs/members in Minnesota and Wisconsin, these states have been sub-divided by zip code.

Minnesota has three sub-areas:

  • MN Twin Cities 55000-55599
  • MN South 55900-56299
  • MN North 55600-55899 and 56300-56999

Wisconsin has two sub-areas:

  • WI South 53000-53999
  • WI North 54000-54999

A Sub-Area Chair (SAC) is appointed as a voting member to the Area 7 Board representing each of these sub-areas. The idea is to have representation across the Area so every member has a voice representing them on the board. Each SAC serves a 2-year term and may be re-elected for an additional term. Area 7 has staggered terms to ensure fresh ideas and involvement regularly. The odd number year appointments include North Dakota, Northern and Southern Minnesota, Southern Wisconsin, while even numbered year terms include South Dakota, MN Twin Cities, Northern Wisconsin.

The responsibilities of the SACs are outlined in the Area 7 Board Rules of Procedure (ROP). The main responsibilities revolve around membership and events. They work closely with the Membership Chair to promote membership to potential, new and existing members. They also encourage members to attend handbell events and often staff Area 7 events. Furthermore, they act as the first point of contact for members in their sub-area.

The list of Area 7 Board members is available on the Officer Page.