Regional Workshop Grant

The best way to receive continued education in the handbell art form is to attend the Area 7 Festival Conference held every even numbered  year.  The Festival is a 2+ day experience with intense learning and ringing with very prominent names in the national roster of handbell clinicians and includes a long list of great classes from which to choose.  However, there are some who cannot attend this major Festival event for a variety of reasons.

Because of Area 7’s commitment to continued education at all levels, it has established a Workshop Grant Fund.  Local member handbell groups can apply for a Workshop Grant when they are considering hosting a Workshop in their own community.  The Area 7 Workshop Grant provides to it members a monetary amount to help these types of events succeed.

These types of workshops may qualify as an Endorsed Event by the Guild, which offer many additional benefits, including liability insurance, borrowed equipment insurance, site insurance, national advertising, and assistance with localized mailing labels.  

Click Area 7 Regional Workshop Grant Form for detailed instructions and application form. If you need assistance, Area 7 Past Chair.